Lloyd F. Gardner, 139th Infantry.
Vignot, France.
14 December, 1918.
To Mrs. Emma Gardner, Greentop, MO.

Courtesy of Pickler Memorial Library, Special Collections.  Msv1_G2.

Courtesy of Pickler Memorial Library, Special Collections. Msv1_G2.

My Dearest Mother,
it is with the greatest of pleasure that I try and ans. your most kind and welcome letters which I received today. One was dated Nov 19 one 26 and one 26 and believe me I sure was glad to get them they found me feeling just find and enjoying life, and I hope that this may find you the same well how is everything at home by this time? Every thing is prospering just find over here it rains every day but that dont amount to anything for every body is ust to that well I have been a hard one to keep track of sence I left the States. on April 9 I left Fort Sill Okla. reached N.Y. 13 sure had some time there are May 3 set Sail for England reached Liverpool the 18 from these to Winchester England from there to South Hampton took another boat across the Channel too France landed in Leharoe France from there to E(?) where we was in reserve of a drive that was dating place near Ames. from these to the Alsace wer in the trenches 31 days from these to the big drive at St Mihiel we wer in reserve there then we started the big drive in the Argonne Forest where we had 5 or 6 days of real fun there
3 or 4 days aside of big shells U-hise bangs, machine gun bullets gas rain and mud every thing went fine we rue had jerry on the run but on Sunday Sep. 29 we cellebrated
Jerry covered us up with fire crackers, gas and about everything he had to fight with.
but when dark came there wer no dutchmans in sight but dead ones and they wer but dead ones and they wer laying 3 deep
ha. ha.
then we came back feed up for about a month and got fitted out again then went in the trenches near Verdune and were there for 12 days and got back from there.
and the War came to an end and believe me no body was sorry for that so we are now in a little town called Vigmat about a mile and half from Commercie which is a large town. and every body is hoping to get home in a few weeks but I dont have no idea when we will get there I guess I will go to Parise to help put on a praise before Presedent Wilson, wish you were there to look on for it is going to be a real one
and Ollie has never heard from me, I have written her several letters, maby she hasn’t eves got then yes I expect Dollie is getting to be a big girl any more. I sure would like to see her, yes and dont worry about the Xmas box of it not suting me. I sure will be glad to get anything you send me. What eves you send sure will be highly appreseated.
You asked me some time ago if I eve got the money order that you you sent. I sure got it and had a good time while it lasted.
I suppose that it is getting all most to cold for dad to car ride much any more isn’t it. Tell him to save part of it untill I get back. for I am to give it H– for a few days ha ha.
well I have run out of news so I expect that I had better close for this time
so with lots of love and best wishes and hoping to hear from you soon I remain your loving son Lloyd.

Msv1_G2. Violette Collection of WWI Soldiers’ Letters. Mudsp Collection V1. Truman State University Special Collections.