Lieutenant C. T. Acree.
At Sea.
No Date.
To C.H. Sears, Kirksville, MO.

Courtesy of Pickler Memorial Library, Special Collections.  msv1_a2

Courtesy of Pickler Memorial Library, Special Collections. msv1_a2


Dear Mr. Sears,

The days are passing steady but surely and each day I am farther away but not too far I think of you all and wonder how all are getting along. I have not been sea sick a minute. The weather has been good and the sea smooth. It is a great trip. While we realize the dangers that are hidden yet you get accustomed to that and think about other thing. I have enjoyed the trip and the men on board but am anxious to see land once more. The water is a wonderful sight but how good the hills of the Ozark would look right now.
I hope you all succeed in receiving a minister soon and a good man that suits. Am sure some one will turn up in due time.
I want you to write to me just as often as you can and let me know all about the work. I shall think of you all each day and especially on Sunday. I am proud of the litter Service (?) (?) from the stand an the pulpit and some day I want to come back and (?) untill in (?).
It will not be possible for me to give you much information about myself but as (?) as I can (?) (?) and let you know how I am getting along personally.
(?) (?) (?) write! Love and good wishes to you and all my friends who were so nice to me.
I am, Yours, (?) C.T. Acree
Expect to land today. It has been a hard trip.

Note: The Author wishes to apologize for the incomplete transcription of this letter. The penmanship of Mr. Acree proved too difficult to decipher in more than a few places.

Msv1_a2. Violette Collection of WWI Soldiers’ Letters. Mudsp Collection ┬áV1. Truman State University Special Collections.