Dual-majoring in history and English, Jennifer Marks is a junior by year and super-senior by credit hour at Truman State University.
Her research interests include Gilded Age American history, especially the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, as well as the Vietnam War Era and architectural history.  After graduating Truman in the spring of 2015, she hopes to attend graduate school to earn a PhD in American history. Jennifer’s greatest life goals are to write history as well as Erik Larson, author of Devil in the White City, and teach as well as Ms. Terry Becker, former AP English Language teacher.

Outside of her academic interests, Jennifer rides competitively on two IHSA show teams on Truman State’s Equestrian Team.

When she’s not astride a horse or lost in a good book, Jennifer enjoys drinking Earl Grey tea and baking macarons. She also feels very pretentious writing this in third person and would like permission to switch to first person.

Greetings reader!

Thank you for venturing far enough into No Man’s Land to find the ‘About the Author’ page.  More than any written project I have completed thus far in my undergraduate career, No Man’s Land has taken me miles out of my comfort zone. When I started this project, using the internet to digitize history went against everything I love about history. I am the kind of student who owns a typewriter from 1948 and refuses to own an e-Reader. Replacing tangible letters with torn edges and inky fingerprints with scanned images and typed transcriptions made my history-major heart ache.  However, as I spent the many hours scanning and transcribing each letter, I realized I was providing resources for other individuals who would otherwise have been unable to read these letters because of distance, abilities, etc. Bringing these letters to the public goes far beyond my own distaste of intangible history.  I am thrilled that these letters, though they do not represent the entire collection, have left the dusty archival box and found a home in No Man’s Land.

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